Natures Gift to Diabetics – Gymnema Sylvestre for Type 2 Diabetes

What if I told you that you could control your blood glucose levels, lower your cholesterol, and manage your weight effectively…all with one simple natural ingredient.

How much more could you wish for…right?

Well this simple natural ingredient is well within your reach and does exactly what I have said above.

Gymnema Sylvestre for type 2 diabetes is truly nature’s gift to diabetics.

A climbing plant native to India, gymnema has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal benefits yet one of its primary uses is to control blood glucose levels.

Gurmar, translated as “sugar destroyer”, has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels through increasing production of insulin, slowing absorption of glucose into the blood, as well as increasing the activity of glucose through the use of enzymes.

This is pretty fantastic news for diabetics however this is not all that gymnema can do…

A common side effect of diabetes is high cholesterol and here Gymnema Sylvestre can help as well. Studies found that it interferes with absorption of fats leading to an overall lowering of triglyceride, HDL and LDL cholesterol levels.

Finally, Gymnema Sylvestre has been proven to be effective as a weight loss tool. An extract from the leaf of the plant has been found to interfere with our taste buds ability to taste sweets which has led to people cutting back on them.

I have to say…this is definitely an effective way to reduce or control your weight!  In Gymnema Sylvestre we have the perfect trifecta for diabetes.

Blood glucose control, lower cholesterol, and weight issues all dealt with a single herbal supplement.

For the do-it-yourself-type, this incredible herb can be likely found at your local natural food or naturopath center in leaf or powder form.  You are looking at around $8-9 per lb depending on what form you prefer.  Please make sure to consult with a professional naturopath or doctor for the correct dosages you should be taking.

Here at eGlobal Natural Health, our all natural blood sugar stabilizer Melabic® contains precise and researched dosages of Gymnema Sylvestre for type 2 diabetes combined with eight other all natural, clinically tested, and proven effective super-nutrients.

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Enjoy the remainder of your week and I hope you found this information useful and interesting.

To your continued good health…


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