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Lower Stress for Your Health

If you have diabetes it is essential that you make attempts to lower your stress levels. Stress and diabetes are a dangerous combination since stress has been found to increase your glucose levels. Yet, everyone who has diabetes knows that the disease naturally lends itself to stress and worry. So, how can you alleviate your stress so you are not increasing your glucose levels? Here are a few suggestions.

Exercise is not only a great way to lose weight and increase your insulin sensitivity but also releases endorphins which have the ability to relieve pain, reduce stress and even help your immune system. 

Depending on the recommendations from your physician you can choose anything from walking to aerobics to strength training. While getting started on an exercise regime can be difficult, if you set aside a set time each day and stick with it, after a week you will actually begin to look forward to it and should notice your stress levels lowering.

Meditation is another great way to reduce stress. When you meditate your heart rate decreases, your blood pressure normalizes, your immune functions improve, and you use oxygen more efficiently. It is a simple process which simply involves sitting in a relaxed position and letting your mind relax by concentrating on regular, deep breathing, Unlike exercise, which may not always be available when you need it, meditation is free and can be done anywhere by anyone.

Relieving yourself of stress is a vital element when it comes to regulating your glucose levels. Diabetes and stress are a vicious combination but with a bit of exercise or relaxation you can lower your stress and live a healthier life.

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