What is My Body Telling Me?

If you listen closely enough you will hear your body speak to you. Normally this is done through aches and pains but in nearly every situation your body is telling you when something is wrong. The key is to listen. If you are feeling tired, have tingling or numbness in your hands or feet, are experiencing muscle cramps, moodiness, or a change in vision you may have high blood sugar symptoms and these are signs from your body that something is wrong.

When you eat food your body converts it into sugar which is then pushed into the cells of your body by the hormone insulin where it can be used as energy. This is the ideal situation. However, when the insulin isn’t able to do its job properly the cells don’t receive the sugar they need to create the energy your body needs to work efficiently. This is when your body will start sending you signals that something is wrong and you need to correct it immediately.

Unfortunately most people don’t listen to their body or ignore the signs which allow the blood sugar levels to rise to dangerous levels. When blood sugar levels rise above normal and stay there for prolonged periods of time you are putting your body at risk for several other problems including heart attack, stroke, and even nerve damage.

Listening to your body is essential. Taking time out from your busy schedule to check out why you are going to the bathroom every 20 minutes or why your mouth is always so dry can literally save your life. These symptoms, and the ones mentioned above, are only a few of the many signs that your body will give you to let you know that there is something wrong. Listen to your body, it can save your life.

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